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Anonymous said: dude! post a photo of yourself. you're like soo hot.

Thanks, but probably not. Sorry to be an asshole, but some of these anons are really pissing me off.

Anonymous said: Anonymous said: are you a tumblr boy? if so would you post a picc? :)

No I’m not, no.

Anonymous said: Alicia vilches is sexy she needs a famous and popular guy not a piece of shit

Famous and popular guy? Then you’re definitely not worthy buddy you can’t even insult me under your real name. Ps, when I’m famous I will shit on your chest.

Anonymous said: all your social networks is boring most boring of shit

are* and I don’t even know how to correct that last bit. Ps why would you even give a fuck.

Anonymous said: upload a photo in your instagram of your biceps ❤️😍❤️ Please please :3 u are hot my baby

Yeah nah

Anonymous said: your brother is sexy but you you are ugly as shit 👍

Oh well 🐣

Anonymous said: selfie in your instagram bby 😍❤️😍 u are hot

Probs not


Rest In Peace Robin Williams - Some Happy Robin Williams Facts To Celebrate His Life!

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Julian Casablancas & The Voidz at Coachella 2014


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