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American Horror Story has fucked with this dudes head

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Could you tell us the point to rock n rock?

Well I think it changes as soon as you stop saying like “rock n roll” you know if you call it music then uhh there’s a lot of great things about music, you know. It’s like I can do a 100 interviews and it wont be the same as the song that’s why you do music. It’s the song itself where everything lies. It’s just that feeling that you have that gives you the joy and understanding that you don’t have in reality

And its not like a short cut to reality its more like an expansion on the understanding of whats going on so I think its interesting on many different levels and for me as soon as I start to understand how music works I couldn’t get enough and I was stuck. That’s what I had to do or just you know kill myself I didn’t want to be a dentist or anything else



Julian Casablancas Interview circa 2001

why I love him

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"It was only a month after living here that I met Julian Casablancas. His father had a modeling agency called Elite, and I walked in one day after recognizing his name on the door. We quickly moved into an apartment on 18th Street. We each had a bathroom, which was the reason why we got it (he’s a mess, I’m neat). When I met Julian, I told him I played guitar. He said, “That’s funny, we’re looking for a guitar player.” So I tried out, but what I didn’t know is that he had already decided I would be in the band.
We were really ambitious. It’s all Julian and I spoke about every night. We set a goal of playing shows within a year. At first, we didn’t go out anywhere cool—just Rudy’s, which was near the studio and had free hot dogs and $5 pitchers. But slowly we’d go to bars like Don Hill’s and Bar 13 to promote, handing out flyers with stuff from weird seventies soft-porn movies like Emmanuelle. They started to recognize us—“Oh, there’s the guys from the Strokes hanging out”—and as a group the five of us were a pretty striking image. We were really cocky. Not in a bad way, we just believed in ourselves and so we were always balls to the wall."

- Albert Hammond Jr on the beginnings of the the Strokes (via lovingthestrokes)

“We’ll show up at the studio at noon, and he’ll be there in the studio till four in the morning. He doesn’t stop. Long after everyone else has gone home, he’s still like remixing stuff, trying out different things. He’s like an android. I get to the point where I can’t listen to music anymore and I have to stop, but Julian doesn’t. His ear is so sharp. He’s the one with the ear for detail in this band. Creatively, he is a force to be reckoned with. He’s difficult to work with, and a lot of times he has difficulty communicating, but he’s so creative.” (Nick Valensi)

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I hate music where it’s like, ‘it all sucks, fuck this, we’re gonna die, fuck you, kill yourself’, and I hate shit where it’s like ‘it’s gonna be alright, everything is just fine’.

The most powerful aspect of music is that it can open your eyes to the frustration of everything and give you the adrenaline and faith to go on with the ideal that you can make it better if you do your thing.



Julian Casablancas.

So much love for this quote, and The Strokes.

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First i saw him walking down the street before the show and i jumped out of a moving car to say hi, then later on i hopped on his back for the photo

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Johan van der Keuken, The cat (1968)

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